Things to Avoid during Online Dating

Things to Avoid during Online Dating

No matter if it is a beginning of your oversee love story or maybe your date is already set up and you can’t wait to meet, distance is not easy to handle. Days seem to be eternity and you think about each other every minute. Keep in mind that texts and emails are not enough to grasp the reality specially if you never met before. Let us say, when Nick, my future husband sent me text before we met I read them as if he spoke in a low voice. But in reality his voice sounds different. Intonation, manner to say, mimics, body language can be a part of your vivid imagination and might not represent a real person correctly. Same happens when you imagine his surrounding, what he is doing, thinking etc. It all can be an illusion. So, my advice: if you see something offensive or super sweet in a letter from your point of view, do not jump into conclusion right away. Ask if what you are reading is true. Clarify the message with your friend. More precise questions you ask better.

Do not fall in love or agree to marry before you see a person and conditions he or she lives in. A man can promise you golden mountains and live in a hut. Be slow to anger. Do not write harsh phrases. Specially at the night time. Let your Yes be Yes ad No be No in a calm, respectful way. Do not think he or she does not care if a message was not delivered to you the same minute you thought it should arrive. Better go and do something meaningful, help somebody, go outside and smile, breathe, walk, meet with people. You will soon hear a sound of incoming text because if it is meant to be your future spouse will find you no matter where you are.

  • Date December 28, 2016
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