Are Slavic Women Bossy?

Are Slavic Women Bossy?

Are Slavic woman bossy? Generally a woman from Eastern Europe gives a family the highest priority and sees her role as a helper. For example, most of Ukrainian girls are not interested to lead, give directions, make major decisions etc because why….? Why to give up a role of a princess? Why struggle with a man if you realize you were born not to struggle but to be pampered? Why move the mountains if there is such a strong and adorable person next to you? It may sound like a lack of responsibility, laziness or even disrespect but it is not so. Slavic female population are very much involved in helping and stand for their husbands and children a lot. Groceries needs to be done? She knows that. She will go without a reminder or a car to get carrots, cabbage, meat, flour and bring it home. A family member is sick? She will run to the drug store and will not leave until you are well. Those decisions are taken instinctively, instantly and without consulting a man. I know many Ukrainian families where women are gentle, caring helpers but convert into lions when there is a danger. So, when it comes to home a woman is a boss.

What about other areas of life? She must take responsibility if a man is weak. Let us say, he is drinking or playing video games, does not work, does not want to develop. Ukrainian girls have tremendous amount of patience (I am an exception) and try to save a family postponing divorce. She would be happy if you would be involved in helping her with little things. My Nick does it all the time and I am thrilled by it. Such a man will not suffer from a bossiness in woman because he lets her to be one.

  • Date December 28, 2016
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