Myths about American men who want to marry Ukrainian women.

Myths about American men who want to marry Ukrainian women.

Myth #1:  American men only want Ukrainian women for sex.

Truth:  That makes no sense. There are a lot easier and less expensive ways for we American men to find sex than to try date a woman on the other side of the world.

Myth #2:  American men are stupid to spend so much money looking for a woman.

Truth:  Although American men do not have as much formal education as Ukrainian women, we aren’t stupid.  Stupid men and their money soon part ways and so stupid men aren’t likely going to be able to afford to date internationally.  We know what we are doing.

Myth #3:  American men aren’t Christian.

Truth:  Some aren’t, but most are.  America has the largest population of Christian than any other country on earth and has more churches per capita than anywhere in the world.  The difference might be that Americans don’t talk about religion with each other much, it’s considered a personal, private matter.  We talk openly about making money and our finances.  Ukrainian culture is probably the reverse of this.

Myth #4:  American men aren’t romantic.

Truth:  American men, like most Americans, are taught from a young age to be goal oriented.  It’s why the flag on the moon has stars and stripes, not a sickle and hammer.  And because we strive toward achieving long-term goals, we’re more likely to surprise you with an engagement ring than a bouquet of flowers.  There is nothing more romantic than a man who is contemplating a serious future with you.

Myth #5:  American men don’t care about fashion.

Truth:   Unlike European men, American men believe that fashion is for women only and that a man who spends too much time in the mirror is feminine.  So although we American men dress very casual, we love to see heels on a woman.  It’s one of the reasons we like Ukrainian women.

Myth #6:  American TV shows are an accurate representation of America.

Truth:  No TV show would be of interest to Americans if it portrayed us accurately.  A show about average Americans would be boring to Americans.  American TV is produced to be crazy so that the show remains popular.   A show charges for advertising based on its ratings and popularity.

Myth #7:  American men think Ukrainian women are desperate and will do anything to get out of Ukraine.

Truth:  If we believed that about you, we wouldn’t want you.  American men go to great lengths and expense just to have a chance at finding true love.  A desperate woman willing to lie is not one we seek to fall in love with.

Myth #8:  American men are cheap.

Truth:  American men who can afford to buy you things had to first possess the discipline to save that money.  A man who wastes money will soon become poor.  Therefore we American men try to find value and quality.  It’s why we prefer gold over diamonds.  Diamonds are as common as coal.  And it’s why we prefer Ukrainian women.  We value quality.

Myth #9:  American men are arrogant and think America is better than Ukraine.

Truth:  It is true that Americans believe that America has the best of everything compared to other countries.   But if we were arrogant, we would believe our women are the best and wouldn’t believe that the best women are in Ukraine.

Myth #10: American men must have something wrong with them since their own women don’t want them.

Truth:  We American men have no trouble finding American women.  We just don’t want them.  We want you.  We don’t want you because we’re settling for second best.  We want you because you’re the best.

  • Date December 28, 2016
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