Online Dating

Online Dating

There are some reasons Ukrainian women do not want to date online:

  1. They are ashamed of being viewed as a loser. Society does not approve such activity. Online dating is the last resort after everything else was tried out.
  2. They claim there are many fake profiles online.
  3. It is hard to tell if a man is good or bad.  The common question I hear is: How do I know if a person is reliable, trustworthy, not a lier etc.?

There is nothing wrong with online dating. Think about it more as of an opportunity to communicate with people from all over the globe! Being on dating site for other reasons rather than looking for a soulmate can be unfair for people who think you are online to date. Unless you say clearly friendship is all you want.

If you think about creating a family in the future that is why you are looking for a mate, know who you are and what you want. Be serious about your intensions. Do not date if you are in relationship or married. Be honest about the major moments (children, country you live in, your appearance etc). It is important to know the values you’d like to see in your match and say it out loud. State clearly your life principles in “About me” field. Talk about what you would not tolerate in a man. Be smart about reading profiles. Do not give out personal information unless you see the candidate has a real potential to become your future spouse. Do not lie.

Be realistic about your expectations. I know the girls from Ukraine who would consider to be their match no one else but a tall athletic, smart, young, sexy, American man with Slavic roots who works at a law firm. Get help acquiring more information from the native speakers about the culture and mentality before expecting something. Let us say, if you consider to sign a hundred page contract with an American man ask what they think about it. Do not be guided by a piece of information you heard on TV or read in a magazine. If you assume that every Ukrainian girl loves kitchen and cook you are wrong. Use common sense, if a girl does not write you for a week without giving a proper reason she is not the best candidate for you. If a man does not take a move he is probably not interested in a serious relationship.

  • Date December 28, 2016
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