Talking to Girls from Ukraine

Talking to Girls from Ukraine

I met with many girls during my last visit to Ukraine (September 2016). We discussed the international marriage and this is what I found out:

1. The girls do not open up easily about their private lives.

2. Around 30% are willing to date a foreign man. The rest wants to stay in home country.

3. 70% are not satisfied with the quality of the Ukrainian men.

4. 100% have some level of English (from the beginners to the advanced).

5. Most of them do not know much about American lifestyle, mentality, culture. Neither do they ask about it.

6. Those who pretend to know about the USA still jump into wrong conclusions about American men.

7. Girls’ standards are high. For example, a man should be athletic, smart, a lawyer, eat healthy, without bad habits etc.

8. Some girls are interested to sign a detailed premarital contract in regards to children, duties, divorce, etc.

9. Many Ukrainian women would like to move their families to the USA.

10. Some of them are motivated to immigrate because of the poor life quality, low culture, lack of good men and bad health system.

11. Many are afraid of going online because of the inability to distinguish between the true and fake profiles.

12. Some girls told me they have had a date with an American scheduled in Kiev next week.

13. Many meet men on FaceBook.

14. Having the same faith is very important for Ukrainian women.

15. Among the main traits in man understanding, respect, faithfulness, reliability are the most important.

  • Date December 28, 2016
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